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    Here are some interesting links. They will help to improve your knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the human body, and about science in general.

Students' help (French):

Terminology dictionary (English/French):

Science and human anatomy (French):

Human anatomy in 'Flash' (French/English/Spanish):

Medicine and general health (French):

Site with a nice 3D anatomical model (French/English):
       You need to register; its free.

Tons of biomedical pictures:

Human evolution (English):

Canadian museum of civilisations:

General biology (French/English):

Animal physiology (French):

Sites about the nervous system (French):



Site about the cardiovascular system (French):

Site about the memory (French):

Excellent site about the cell (English):

Superb video about intracellular molecular processes (English):

Site with video to explain genetics (French):

Website on pharmacology (English):

Site about AIDS (French):

Site about earth (French/English):

Scales of the universe (French/English/and many more):
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