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The Author

CV & Resume (pdf)

for rent

Look from a different angle.

I also have significant expertise with data analysis and statistics, including Excel macro programming (VBA), Biobook/Quantrix, GraphPad Prism, Spotfire. SigmaStats, etc..

In addition to my particular experience in pre-clinical experimentation, I can teach biology and produce simple websites.

And, I am not too bad in photography. Here is a link to another small personal website, an old photo album that I have not updated for long time.

Hello, my name is René St-Jacques.

I studied at the University of Montreal, where I specialized in neurophysiology.

I developed this educational web site about the Human Body because, although the experience can not be bought, knowledge, however, should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, I wish to make this site as accessible and user friendly as possible.

Though, as you will realize, the website is still incomplete and, unfortunately, may contain few mistakes.

Note that I appreciate, by email , comments, photos, videos or relevant text: help is always welcome.

Please, note that I do not answer any medical questions, you should consult a physician.

Just a little of myself !






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