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The Immune System


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    The immune system is our defense system against bacteria, viruses and other foreign bodies that can invade our bodies. This is the world of white blood cells and antibodies. We are surrounded by bacteria, viruses and other foreign bodies, and we live in symbiosis with many of them; they help our digestive functions and stimulate our immunity. Our immune system easily kills most of the others. Unfortunately, some bacteria and virus could be harmful and produce sickness.

    The immune system is also involved in cleaning up our body from cell debris or mutant cells. As powerful it is, overreaction of the immune system could lead to harmful conditions like autoimmune disease or allergies.

Short video clip about the white blood cells
(in French).

A video about the immune system.

    A reader helped me put some content about this system, see the page ŗ JoŽlle (though, only in french at the moment).

Superb video about the molecular processes involved in leucocyte extravasation.

Extravasation of a leucocyte.
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