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Human Psychology


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    This page was offered by a reader. Personally, I don't know much about psychology. Thanks to my friend Manon.

     Psychology could be seen through four major schools of thought, or points of view:

    Psychology is difficult to define to satisfy all those areas and who perform psychologic counseling. However, we can say that it is "The study of the soul; the science that study behavior and mental processes".

    The practice of psychology involves clinical psychologists, researchers, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, and industrial and organizational psychologists. Some specialty may be more advanced than others.

    The psychology focuses on the human development, the influence of genetic versus environmental factors (the innate versus the acquired) on cognitive development, sexual behavior, moral, adulthood, old age and death. Several authors have their theories about human development, some better known than others. It would be too long to elaborate about their theories, but this list of names may be useful for further research:
       -Sigmund Freud
       -Carl G. Jung
       -Erik H. Érickson
       -HA Maslow
       -Carl Rodgers
       -Alfred Binet
       -Alfred Adler
       -E. -E. Fromm
       -Mélanie Dlein
       -Anna Freud
       -DW Winnicott
       -Fréderick S.Perls
       -Albert Bandera
       -George Kelly
       -RB Cattell
       -GW Allport

    Of course, there are also Piaget, Hartmann, Reich, May, Totter, Mischel, Eysenck as well as other authors of the Eastern and modern psychology. But it would take a dictionary to name them all, and even more to talk about their respective theories.

     Psychology covers topics as varied as: thought, perception, dreams, sleep, illness, health, addiction, senses, memory, the effect of drugs and alcohol, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, sexuality, emotions, anxiety, phobias, bipolar disorders, art therapy, hypnosis, anger and everything else related to mental health. Though, when it requires immediate medicine, we then rely on a medical specialist: the psychiatrist who can prescribe drugs to calm or treat those 'mental illness'.

    Several type of therapies are available. Therefore you should 'shop' around for the therapist that you will be comfortable and at ease with.

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